Mars Distributing Inc. a Wisconsin Corporation since 1981
Distributor of Charles and Colvard Moissanite since 1998
Mars Distributing Gold and Diamonds has MOVED 3 miles from the High Rent location on Bluemound Rd.
Mars Gold moved in 2012 to the Corner of Springdale Rd & Jericho Drive. Majestic Theater and Sam's Club are also on Springdale Rd.

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      Mars 2nd Blue Awning from left.                         









                                       Open Mon thru Fri. 9 A.M. to 2:30 P.M.

       Please Call for Saturdays hours. Grand Children's Events occasionally.

                               Normally OPEN Saturday 9 A.M. to 1 P.M

                        LOCATED: Corner of Springdale Rd & Jericho Drive

(Springdale Rd is the Dividing Line for Brookfield and Waukesha)

                                            N16W22020 JERICHO DR.

                                              Waukesha, Wi. 53186

                                      262-821-1450    1-800 301 2077

i-94 to Exit 297 (Hwy 18 Barker Rd) Turn left onto JJ Bluemound Rd heading West for 1 mile.

Turn Right on Springdale Rd. (Sam's Club is on this corner)

We are exactly 1 mile North of Sam's Club. In this 1 mile stretch of road you will first see Majestic Theater on the right, then you will see PDQ Gas Station on the right, now watch for Jericho Drive on the left and you will see our Springdale Mall with the four 20 foot Long Blue Awnings.


If you are at our old location at 19035 W. Bluemound Rd.

Head West on Bluemound Rd (Hwy 18) for 1 mile. Look for Large Overhead Sign: Bluemound Rd JJ.

In approx ¾ of a mile Turn Right at Springdale Road. Sam’s Club is on corner then you will see Majestic Theaters continue ¾ of a mile and you will see Jericho Drive on the left.

Go 100 Feet then Turn Right and go to the front Parking Area.

Our Mini Mall has FOUR 20 foot long Blue Awnings, One over each of the entry doors in front of the Building.

 The 2ND Awning is near the large MARS Distributing Inc sign mounted on the outside wall of our building.


We BUY Gold Jewelry Broken or Not broken makes no difference in the price we pay.

We Repair GOLD or SILVER Jewelry and replace missing diamonds or gemstones. Pearl restringing and replacement of missing pearls is all done at low prices.

Thursday is the day our 5 shops do all the Repairs. Items brought in before 3 P.M. Wed. will be done by 9 A.M. Friday. We install batteries in watches for $4.75 while you wait. The water resistant watches cost $8.75 and are done at our Rolex Repair center and will be ready for pick up Friday if brought in by Wed. 3pm.

Watch overhauls of any brand take an extra week also done at low prices.


We are also a Manufacturer of 5 products.

TIZ-3 Model hand held Insect Zapper

Stop-Slides to Stop Furniture from sliding.

Suspend-Ease that stops pants from Slipping Down.

Poly-Carbonate Tools.

Grout-Ease for fast grout application.

We also stock over 125,000 Mens Ladies Teens and Childrens Suspenders.