Mars Distributing Inc. a Wisconsin Corporation since 1981
Distributor of Charles and Colvard Moissanite since 1998
Keep your pants up when you do not want to wear suspenders.
Invisable Suspenders from Mars will also keep your shirt tucked in. (If you want it tucked.) Completely Water Proof! NOW TWO Types!!

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  Proper placement just before you push the Support Pad Down out of sight and slide it over into a Belt Loop.

 Pad has been pushed Down and Belt Hook Slid behind the
Belt Loop and under the Belt. Now the pad grips onto the shirt or undershirt if the shirt is not tucked in and supports the pants.

Wear one of these comfortable Support Pads in front and behind each hip. They will grip onto the shirt and hold the shirt in, at the same time they are keeping your pants UP.

The Suspend-EASE Grips can be installed and left on the pants until the pants need washing or they can be taken off one pair of pants and put on the next pair easily.  There are no adhesives or other materials needed to keep them attached.

Even though it is easy to put on or remove, it is even easier to have one set for daily worn pants and one for evening pants.

The reason these work so good is that the soft gripping rubber holds onto the shirt and the strong belt hook supports the belt which supports the pants. Essentially the pants and the shirt are locked together so your shirt supports the pants without suspender straps. The Suspend-ease supports are totally out of sight located inside your waistband of your pants and the belt hook is inside of the belt loop.


We also manufacture Soft Rubber Pads with the High Gripping Power for people that DO or DO NOT want to wear a belt.

These pads are placed into the inside of the pants. The clips attach to the waistband of the pants.

When the pants waistband presses against the pads it causes the pads to grip onto the shirt or body if the shirt is not tucked in.

Position the Pads where ever you want but we have found placing them in front and behind each hip is the best.

If you find you only need two or three to do the job then that is all you need to use.

Available now in Chrome or Gold Color.




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$5.71 Priority Mail Service which covers as many items as you want to include in the order.

Insect Zappers may be shipped Priority or Parcel Post because of wieght and cost to ship.

We are located in Wisconsin so it takes about 2 to 6 days shipping time to either coast or to the far South when using  FED EX or 3 to 4 days shipping time for U.S. Mail Priority Service. We use Fed Ex for the heavier shipments.

If you leave a message when we are not answering the phones, we do check the messages often and we will call you back during closed times.

                                                STORE AND SHIPPING DEPT.    262 821 1450



                      Phone calls taken 9 A.M. to 7 P.M. Monday-Saturday  SUNDAYS: Leave a name and number and we will call later in the day or next day.


     Wholesale: Case Orders                               

                                                          1-800 301 2077  

                                                           ASK FOR JIM

                                When in Wisconsin - Please  VISIT OUR STORE: 

                               9 A.M. TO 2:30 P.M. Monday-Friday

Normally Sat 9-1 P.M.but during Summer Months call 1st. (Grandchildren with baseball tournaments.)
                         Phone calls taken 9 A.M. to 7 P.M. 7 days a week but Sundays you might have to leave a message but we will call you back ASAP the same day.


MARS Distributing Inc.


Store #3


Sam’s Club is on corner of Springdale and JJ Bluemound Road then you will see Majestic Theaters continue ¾ of a mile and you will see Jericho Drive on the left.

Go 100 Feet then Turn Right and go to the front Parking Area.

Our Mini Mall has FOUR 20 foot Blue Awnings over the entry doors in front of the Building.

 The 2ND Awning is near the MARS Distributing Inc sign and our new larger location.


Corner of Jericho Drive and Springdale.

 Mars Distributing Inc. has been in Business for 31 years Selling High Quality Merchandise to the Public at Low Prices and Wholesale to stores.

Incorporated in Wisconsin May 1981

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